Dippin` Dots Knockoffs?!

5 years ago

i got these from albertsons and they are just as good as dippin` dots and far cheaper! one of these is a dollar and some change, whereas the same size dippin` dots is probably $3-$4! the only reason i even found out about these was because my sister is a big dippin` dots fan and she always wants it, but they`re expensive! my mom wanted to find a "dupe" from the grocery store so my sister can get her dippin` dots but not at full (and ridiculously high) price, but i was pretty sure there wasn`t anything like it out there... but lo and behold, my mom found these! they taste the same too because there`s a mint chip dippin` dots flavor that`s just like this!

are you a dippin` dots fan? have you seen this kind of ice cream at the grocery store?

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