Dip-dying! La Riche Directions amp Stargazer (review)

5 years ago

Hey everyone. I don`t want to make this post too long so that you don`t want to read it, and I don`t want my bad experiences to put anyone off buying any of the products I`m about to mention, but I just thought that I should warn people and inform on what my personal experience with the products has been.

LA RICHE DIRECTIONS - So recently I decided I wanted to dye my hair pink, so I bought La Riche Directions Pastel Pink after hearing such great reviews on it. I bought 2 tubs and my hair is quite long (below shoulder length). The first time I applied it I had dark blonde/brown hair. It didn`t work. The instructions DO say to "lighten" the hair before use for best results, but I ignored it. I was`t too mad as I felt it was my own decision & that`s why it didn`t work. I then decided to bleach my hair with the Directions home bleaching kit and it worked amazing. My hair went into a beautiful, even shade of light/white blonde. I would seriously recommend this product to everyone that wants to bleach their hair at home (I needed two boxes of this for my long hair). I then left my hair for a week and tried with the Pastel Pink again, and whilst it was developing my hair WAS going pink, I was so excited!... Only to wash it and dry it to see that MY HAIR HADN`T CHANGED YET AGAIN!!! This time I was absolutely fuming, especially because it left gingery streaks all over my hair. Here`s some pictures of the "results" with flash on and off. :/ (Sorry about my terrible skin.)

I really don`t know why this happened, but I was so angry. I sent an email to La Riche advising them on my severe unhappiness with their product and all I got back was a complaint form. I haven`t heard from them since filling this in.

STARGAZER - Just a few days ago, I wanted to try again with dying my hair. Because of the results of last time, I decided to just dip dye my hair to test out the colour/to see if it would work. I used Stargazer Tropical Green. Guys, I`M IN LOVE! This product is AMAZING. The green is such a beautiful sea/turquoise colour and it`s stunning! I was so happy that it worked. Here`s a picture of my results with Stargazer.


Basically, I`d advise people to stay away from La Riche. Yes, a lot of people have had good experiences with their dye, but Stargazer seems to be a better product overall. After several washes, the colour in my hair is still as vibrant as first application.


Sorry, that picture is a little dark, it`s just to show you that it`s still there and looking fab :)

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