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I bought this way back in the day, and totally forgot all about it. Because I had returned it after like two weeks. Im usually not a jerk about returning stuff to Sephora because I like to keep the stuff there and add it to my collection. But thats how much this foundation didnt suit me and how much I didnt like it. And I really wanted this foundation to work out, I feel like it would have just made life a lot easier.

First of all, its really expensive. I think it was about $60 something dollars, which in all honesty, I wouldnt mind paying, if it was any good. AND the other reason to stay away right off the bat, is that there are only five shades.

And as the product itself, it made my skin look super cakey! At first, I thought I was applying it wrong so I tried applying this in many ways. Because I thought I was using too much product, I started to use less. And at first I thought my brush was making it super streaky, so I used my beauty blender, which I noticed just wiped away most of the product. I even tried different distances I tried to spray it from my skin. And I even tried just using my fingers! It just make my skin super cakey and blotchy. I swear a followed the instructions and everything! I even asked the lady at Sephora to teach me how to use it.

And I know this is super weird to say, but there was this air conditioner-y smell to it. You know that kind of wet smell that is fresh-ish, but smells funny at the same time. And for the times I sprayed it directly on my face, before blending it on, the way it sits on top of my skin makes me look wrinkly.

And its super messy! You have to be super careful wit getting it on your hair and on your lips. And it was a cold sensation on my face.

Overall, thats as much as I can say about it. I didnt the entire bottle so maybe it could have gotten better. And I have read tons of reviews that girls out there do love it so if youre interested, I wouldnt rule it out. It just totally wasnt for me.

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