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5 years ago

So my birthday was on the 20th and I wanted to buy something for myself and I`ve been really really wanting to get the Dior nail polish in Waterlily ever since I saw it in Raeview`s videos. The color is absolutely marvelous!

So a couple days ago I went shopping with my best friend and we were in Macy`s. I decided to go to the Dior counter to ask whether they had anymore Waterlily nail polishes. I was really sad that they had none in shock but the assistant who helped me told me she could give me the Waterlily that was on display since no one had used it. Score!

I can`t get over how beautiful this green is. Perfect for spring! It has a sheen to the finish because it does have shimmers but I don`t want to say its shimmery because in my opinion it really isn`t all that noticeable. If you look really closely you can see the small shimmers but just looking at it it looks like a sheen. It`s opaque in two coats.

Since this is my first Dior nail polish I thought I`d talk about it in general as well. So I never knew this before but the silver top of the nail polish isn`t a twist off. It`s actually just a cap and the twist off is a regular black top. But hey it looks beautiful with the silver top. The brush tip is also a bit different from most traditional brushes (like the OPI ones). If any of you have tried the new Rimmel polishes the brush tip is like that. I find that it spreads really really well with this kind of tip. It surprised me actually. I have rather wide fingers so I still have to apply twice on one finger for a coat but for the lucky girls with narrow fingers, one clean swipe will give you good coat.

Also something to note about the Waterlily nail polish is that it has a smell to it. I`ve heard people say it smells like roses or other things but it basically doesn`t smell like a regular nail polish (if you know what I mean about that nail polish smell). Some people like it but I have to say I despise it. The entire time I was painting I was cringing because of the smell. T.T I mean I love the color and I`ll get over it but....ugh....

Aside from the smell though this nail polish is gorgeous. Yes I splurged $23 on it but I regret nothing. xp If you want to get this nail polish you better hurry because as you can tell, Dior counters sell out fast and my local Sephoras have been out of it as well.

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