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4 years ago

First off, I love Dior makeup, especially their mascaras. They`re one of my favorite makeup items. When I used to buy Dior eyeshadow palettes, they were one of the highest quality eyeshadows I`ve used. They were super creamy, glided on so well and the colors were so beautiful.

That being said, the jungle palette completely boggled my mind.

The Jungle collection is Dior`s new Fall collection that`s here for a limited time. The theme, of course, is jungle and all the colors are centralized to beige, brown and hazelnut brown.

As I love exploring eyeshadow palettes, that was where I immediately looked.

The Jungle Eyeshadow & Lip Palette features a slick silver package. When you open it, you`ll see a leopard print patterned press eyeshadow and a lip gloss.

I think it closely mimicked the Nars x Andy Warhol Flower Palettes in that they completely disregarded borders between eyeshadow colors, mixing them together.

First off, who HAS the patience to slowly dap the small patches of hazelnut brown and brown? When I`m doing my makeup in the mornings, I don`t want to fuss with trying to make sure my eyeshadow brush hits the right area.

And secondly, if people do get lazy, they can swatch the entire thing over their eyelid, which brings out the result you see on my hand. A completely weird mix of colors that would look nice if properly blended together or even worn individually. I just don`t like to fuss with my makeup.

Though I`m glad that unlike other makeup companies, Dior does not skimp on their quality. The eyeshadow, as expected, was very creamy, silky and soft. One layer had decent coverage and no fallouts.

The lip gloss, on the other hand, was better designed. There was actually a small hinged door so that the colors don`t mix together and things don`t stick, keeping the lip gloss and case very clean.

I can understand the appeal of this, but I would never go buy this because it is just not user-friendly.

For $70, this palette is NOT worth your money, even if it is limited edition.

Hope that helps!

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