Dior Heated Eyelash Curler Review

Recently I`ve tried the Dior heated eyelash curler. I had very high expectations for this eyelash curler because all the other Dior products I`ve tried, I`ve loved but this one really disappointed me. There are many things wrong with this eyelash curler. The first thing is the price. Are you kidding me? 31.00 for an eyelash curler? My 6.00 eyelash curler works just fine and I will continue to use that one. Another thing about this eyelash curler is that it doesn`t actually work. I held it on my eyelashes for about 3 minutes and still, nothing. No fabulous, big curl (which is what I was expecting) actually, no curl at all! And it was 31.00! I also don`t like how you have to change the battery. I`m a person who tries to help the environment in any way I can so using a battery powered eyelash curler really doesn`t interest me. This product could have been a lot better if it came with a charger so we can save some money on batteries and also save the environment a little more. I would not recommend this eyelash curler to anyone, it is a complete waste of money and is also very hard to use. I ended up returning this horrible product.

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