Dior Airflash Spray Foundation

4 years ago

I was intrigued by spray foundations since I always though that spray foundations would lead to a more sheer coverage, which is perfect for me because I don`t need much coverage and I don`t like my face to be suffocated with products.

So I was excited to try out the Dior Airflash Spray Foundation. It promises to provide a flawless finish as if you have real life photoshop. It`s also supposed to be light as air since it came from a spray rather than a pure liquid foundation.

The good thing about this was that they had a 5 shades to choose from, which covers most of the range of the skin tones that people have.

When I tried out the Light Beige, which was the lightest shade they had, I shook the canister.

Spray 1 - I heard the hissing noise of the spray, but nothing but air came out.
Spray 2 - Again, hissing noise but nothing but air came out.
Spray 3 - HUGE LUMP of foundation fell all over my hand. You can tell that`s A LOT of product on the second photo. That came from a 1 second spray.

It didn`t seem to match my skin tone, but I guess I`m a lot paler than most people, even the Caucasians that I know.

Overall, there was a lot of coverage that the product provided. It would be great for people with trouble skin who need heavy coverage. I would say, its great for people who rely on MAC foundations as it provides heavier coverage than MAC.

It was supposed to have some shimmer in it to help reflect light, however once it was on my skin, it was very matte and I did not notice any shimmer.

For $58, I would say its a good replacement for MAC users since it provides much smoother and better coverage and its a bit cheaper as well. The only drawback is the spray, you either get nothing or a lot of product dispensed.

Hope that helps.

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