Dinosaur coockies!

4 years ago

Most of you know i got a little girl of 2 months old and she totally changed my whole life. Me and my fiance are all in discovering our youth again, lol. When we go to the toyshop for her or just to the store we walk around remembering how we were as little kids. All of the coockies we used to eat and the toys we coudln`t walk past by.

Now we were shopping and i saw this box with dinosaur coockies.. oh memories! I remember taking these to school so i could eat them in the break. I really loved them and having them in the closet now feels really nostalgic! Love these :)!

They`re just basic coockies but they have a special flavour to them, i can`t really place it but it`s very close to the biscuits in the shape of the simpsons they sell everywhere. on top of that there is just this milk chocolate layer, delicious!
One package comes with 3 coockies, which is one too much for me. I`m used to standard packages of 2 coockies, which is really perfect for me. Next to that there are 92 kcals in each so 2 woud be enough.

~ picture is mine

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