DinnerOTD: Pizza amp Spaghetti From Around The Corner Lol

5 years ago

There wasn`t any food at home to have for dinner and my mum needed to go out shopping to get the rabbit and guinea pig food and I needed to tag along so she could use my card -.- this is coming a daily thing now.. Anyways I suggested to her that we get some pizza on the way home, or while we shopped. So we did.

We went to this really nice pizza shop around the corner from woolworths. We use to get their pizza and lasagna all the time because they were really good but now we get dominos because it`s cheaper haha..
I got BBQ chicken pizza and mum got the spaghetti. I would have taken a photo of the spaghetti but she took it as soon as we got home haha. When I got home I changed my mind and wanted the Hawaiian instead because I really loved their hawaiian because they have really thin ham, which I love better than thick ham like what dominos has, and they pile it on!! <3... Oh well I`ll get it next time we go there, if that`s ever again lol...
I enjoyed mine but my mum didn`t enjoy hers. She thought it was tasteless and ended up putting a whole lot of salt on it, cheese, and even added mustard to it?? Haha I don`t know about that but she liked it..
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