Dinner With Friends At TGIFs

5 years ago

Hey everyone! So on Friday, a couple of my friends and I went to TGIFs to celebrate a birthday. Not mines, unforunately, LOL! It was a friend and we all wanted to get together to celebrate it! Most of us just ordered drinks, appetizers, and an entree. Sorry, I didn`t take a picture of what everyone ate or my appetizers. I forgot plus I was already stuffing them in my mouth when I remembered that I forgot to take a picture. LOL But luckily, I remembered to take a picture of the entree! What I got for an appetizer was the crispy green beans. They served it with a dip that I am guessing was just wasabi mixed with ranch. I don`t like using that dip and always ask for ranch. If you are planning to go to TGIFs and are going to order the crispy green beans, try it with ranch next time and it will taste so much better. The crispy green beans are so good. They are just fried green string beans. I usually don`t like string beans but when they are fried, they are so much more tastier! For my entree, I ordered pasta. I can`t remember the exact name of the entree, sorry! I just remember that it was part of their promotion that they are having where you choose 2 for $10. You can either choose one appetizer with an entree, one appetizer with dessert, or an entree with dessert all for $10USD plux tax. I decided to get the appetizer and entree because I thought the appetizers were better since we could all share. The pasta that I ordered had chicken and chunks of tomatoes. I didn`t really like it. I have tried better pasta from TGIFs and this one was definitely not my favorite dish. I only finished half of it because it was all I could take of it. I took the rest home and ate the rest of it the next day. Funny part, that it actually tasted better the next day, which is weird. LOL So that is all that I got at TGIFs. Sorry that I didn`t take a lot of pictures! I was hungry. LOL Next time I go eating out, I definitely need to bring a notebook and a pen to write down the name of the dish since I always forget right after I order it. Lets just say that my memory isn`t that good.
Have you ever been to TGIFs? What is your favorite dish there? Is there one that you would recommend for the next time I am there? -----------------------------------------------------------------------
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