Dinner: Thai Curry, Omelet and Bacon

5 years ago

*Images belong to me* Please do not take Another day without my mom home, so again us sisters had to prepare dinner in time when my dad came home from work. Not much to cook in the house, so we worked with what we had. For some reason, I`m starting to enjoy cooking. I`ve hated cooking for the longest time, but I`m getting to the age where I need to start feeding myself as an adult (; Here`s what my family and I had for dinner:
1) Thai Chicken Curry My dad actually made this dish last night so he could pack some for lunch today. A month ago, my dad youtubed on how to make Thai Curry, and this is what he made. I really love his curry! It`s super delicious. Some of the ingredients he used was, coconut milk, green curry paste, eggplant, carrots, chicken, basil, and green pepper . That`s all I can remember lol I love his curry has a hint of spice to it :P
2) Bacon Nothing wrong with eating bacon for dinner! lol We only used half of Farmer John`s bacon strips. But I guess I should`ve cooked it all since the bacon is devoured quickly lol LOVE LOVE LOVE bacon!
3) Egg Omelet So, again, didn`t have much to work with today, so my younger sister and I decided to make an egg omelet. I can`t recall how many eggs I used, but I think I used 10 eggs? (A LOT, I KNOW xD) I didn`t realize how much it was until I was cooking it lol But I mixed the eggs beforehand, and my sister chopped green onion, cilantro and some tomatoes. Mixed everything together. Then poured half of the bowl into the pan, and the rest after the first round was finished. It was actually good :P hahaha
4) Leftover Pork w/ Veggies I guess we made too much of this dish yesterday, so figured we would have it again tonight. lol Didn`t finish all of it though sadly. Food gone to waste! I still love the pineapple :P haha JK! These were the main entrees. White rice and brown rice on the side :D I`m starting to like eating brown rice! It was really good with curry sauce.
DO YOU LIKE CURRY? HAVE YOU EVER TRIED MAKING OUR OWN? I`ll share a video with you if you`re interested. I`m not sure which video my dad watched, but this one will do (: -->>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_YqdtWCQqg<--

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