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4 years ago

This is my dinner at a restaurant called <strong>Sushi Tei</strong> which is an international japanese sushi restaurant chain with locations in south-east asia and australia. It is a bit more on the pricey side but they have a huge selection on their menu. Here is what we ordered:

<strong>Shoyu Ramen:</strong> This is what my boyfriend ordered so I only had a little taste of it. The ramen definitely tasted authentic and came with naruto fish cake, bamboo and seaweed. There wasn`t any meat included but it still tasted pretty good.
<strong>Fried Salmon:</strong> We got a huge portion of salmon here, there were originally 6 pieces but we already tried some when we took the picture. It was a bit dry but you could always add some of that dipping sauce which tasted kinda like bbq flavor with a hint of tomato.
<strong>Crunchy Lobster Roll & Baked Salmon Maki:</strong> I LOVED the crunchy lobster roll, it was so delicious! It came with a crunchy salmon sushi roll topped with lobster salad. This was my first time trying lobster and it was heavenly. The salad had fairly big chunks of lobster mixed with spicy mayonnaise and fish roe. It tasted kinda sweet but i loved it.
The baked salmon maki I wasn`t a huge fan of because it was extremely dry. Due to the baking the salmon lost the rest of its juice. The flavor was good, it was just a pain to swollow it down.
<strong>Watermelon Sorbet & Fruity Yuki:</strong> I had the watermelon sorbet and it was really refreshing with a nice watermelon taste, not overly sweet. My boyfriend had the fruity yuki which was so delicious! It was a scoop of shaved ice which was flavored like orange and watermelon and also came with fresh fruit on the side.
<strong>Drinks:</strong> I don`t remeber the names of these drinks but I had strawberry and orange juice topped with soda. It also had Selasih bubbles. My bf got something like peach lychee ice tea.

Overall it was a really great dinner and I would come back another time because there are so much more items to try on the menu.

<strong>Have you ever been to Sushi Tei?
What did you have for dinner today?</strong>

Thank you so much for reading, rating & commenting!

<em>*pictures are my own, do not repost anywhere please*</em>

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