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Even though I had sushi for dinner last week, I was craving it again this week lol. Seriously, sushi is one of those things I just don`t get tired of eating. A few nights ago my roommate and I ordered to-go from <strong>Ami`s</strong> which is located near our apartment. Thank goodness this place doesn`t do delivery because I would be spending a lot of money and eating sushi all day every day xD .

<strong>What did we order?</strong>
<dd>- Red Dragon Roll
- Baby Lobster Roll
- Spicy Tuna Tempera Roll (pictured)</dd>

Since it was to-go, the plating of the sushi didn`t look all that great so I only snapped a picture of one of the roll.

The <strong>Red Dragon Roll</strong> has crab meat, cucumber, asparagus, avocado inside with fresh tuna and garlic butter outside. At first, the roll didn`t look all that special and I was a little disappointed because the picture on the menu looked really good. On the menu the garlic butter was piled high, but when I opened my box the garlic butter was only used sparingly. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I gave it a try because I can still taste the garlic butter and there are actual pieces of garlic. I really like garlic so I ended up liking this roll.

The <strong>Baby Lobster Roll</strong> is a roll that I always order. It`s one of the "baked rolls" and it has baked baby lobster, scallion, smelt egg on top of a California Roll. This roll is always a hit :) .

The <strong>Spicy Tuna Tempera Roll</strong> is a roll that I never tried before, but it caught my eye because I love spicy food. It has cream cheese, pickled jalapenos, spicy tuna inside and topped with smelt egg and scallion. It also came with this amazing spicy sauce (the orange sauce in the picture) and I was pouring it all over the place because it was so delicious! This roll was probably my favorite out of all the three I ate.

<em>How often do you eat sushi? What`s your favorite thing to order at a sushi restaurant?</em>

[images are mine]

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