Dinner: Sushi!

5 years ago

Hey Luuuxers!

I just wanted to share what I had for dinner the other night with you guys! I went home for the weekend, and my parents made me sushi to bring back to school to eat for dinner on Sunday. In the package, you can see I got two different rolls of sushi; one ones on the left side are plain tuna roll while the roll on the right side is the lion king roll (I believe?).

I asked for the regular tuna roll because I really love tuna! I love the taste and the texture of it and I can eat multiple plates of tuna sashimi (raw tuna). The tuna roll comes with cucumber and tuna inside the roll; you can also have avocado inside the roll but because I`m not a big fan of avocado, I asked for one without avocado. Then I got the lion king roll because I honestly didn`t know what other rolls to eat. The lion king roll comes with imitation crab salad inside the roll along with cucumber again and ontop of the roll, there are salmons ontop of it and it is coated with the spicy sauce along with some sesame seeds sprinkled ontop of it. The salmon and sesame seeds ontop of the lion king roll gets torched with a mini torch, which is why the sesame seeds are not all the same color. I don`t really have a favorite sushi roll, but I really love anything with tuna in it.

What is your favorite thing to order at a sushi place? Your favorite sushi roll?

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