Dinner: Stewed Beef, Rice amp Jamaican Dumplings

4 years ago

This is my dinner from last night - stewed beef with butter beans, white rice and Jamaican dumplings. I made the Jamaican dumplings (it`s flour, salt and water -- hand kneaded to make a hard, firm dough and boiled for about 20 minutes). I seriously love dumplings, I could eat them every day with a little spray butter on them or served with some type of meat and gravy. Anyway! The white rice we made in the rice cooker to simplify things whereas the beef was provided to me by my mom. She had made a pot of stewed beef (steak, cut up, cooked with butter beans and a mixture of seasonings - literally the kitchen sink I can`t even recall all that she said she threw in there to season it up). Overall, it was a delicious meal and my boyfriend and I had a little extra meat and dumplings left over so I`ll be having that tomorrow. I should have had it today since my dinner plans went sour because it turned out to be grosscity haha.

What did you have for dinner yesterday?

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