Dinner: Spicy Chicken quotSnack Wrapsquot

4 years ago

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<div style="RIGHT: auto">I made this dinner with every intention of it being delicious and a relatively guilt-free version of the "highly acclaimed" snack wraps offered at McDonald`s - with a slight twist.&nbsp; A spicy chicken version.&nbsp; I had picked up these spicy chicken breast filets at the store about two weeks ago and had them in the freezer waiting for an opportunity to cook them.&nbsp; I decided my boyfriend and I would have these for dinner since the chicken only took 20 minutes to cook in the oven and we`d be all set.&nbsp; They looked good. I assembled th em (with lettuce, tomato, ranch dressing and on mine I included some reduced sugar ketchup).&nbsp; The first bite wasn`t bad because it was more tomato and lettuce than anything (I had cut the chicken up into chunks and distributed between the two tortillas).&nbsp; Second bite .. chew, chew, OH MY GOD FIRE! It was so hot my throat was on fire, my stomach hurt and I was just in pain.&nbsp;
My boyfriend took two bites and put his food down and "forgot about it" until I looked at him with watery eyes and said "Are you going to eat that?" and he said "Sorry, but I can`t" (LOL!).&nbsp; I don`t think he realized that I didn`t make the chicken I just cooked it in the oven so I wasn`t offended.&nbsp; Needless to say, even though they looked good, they were like fire balls and just not eatable.&nbsp; So both our meals went into the garbage (as did the remaining frozen chicken in the freezer).&nbsp; I ate a frozen dinner and my boyfriend ended up at McDonald`s LOL.&nbsp; Dinner fail!<var></var></div>
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