Dinner: Salmon amp Tomato Soup.

4 years ago

It`s hot and the last thing I was thinking about eating was soup. But it was late at night and I had no other choice. LOL Confessions of a college student.

Anyways, So i had a can of tomato soup in my cupboard and decided I should eat it since I was starving. Of course, being the `wannabe` iron chef, I added some baked salmon and topped it off with some red onion and cilantro. I must say that it wasn`t my best creation, but it filled me up and that`s all that matters in the end. Riiiiiiiight? LOL

Anyways, what did you eat for dinner last night? I`ve accumulated TONS of foodie pictures for you guys because I`ve been MIA on Luuux so be prepared for tons of delicious food coming your way! lol

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<strong>easy peter pan collar nail art!!</strong>

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