Dinner: Rice Porridge With Beef

4 years ago

Hey everyone! I just want to show you guys what I ate for dinner tonight. My mom went grocery shopping today and she stopped by one of our favorite places for rice porridge aka chao (I think thats how you spell it in vietnamese haha). It comes with so much stuff. It comes with sausage, beef, and cubes of pig blood. Yes you heard it pig blood. Its actually pretty good if you ignore the fact that its blood. You can see the cube a bit by the sausage, hidden underneath the broth and pieces of rice. I remember when I was little, I didn`t like it because I knew that it was blood but once I grew up and actually tried it, its pretty good. Of course, the only time I eat it is when this soup. You can eat it with other stuff as well but its up to you.
QUESTIONS: Have you ever had Asian rice porridge before? Have you or would you try pig blood? ==================================================================

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