Dinner: quotSuperquot Roast Beef sandwich

4 years ago

This was my dinner the other night. I really love a roast beef sandwich, but it has to be a hot/warm roast beef sandwich, otherwise ... I won`t touch it. I have this thing with raw looking meats and roast beef just doesn`t settle with me if it`s cold, but if it`s hot or warm, I`m good to go! Where I live we call this a <strong>Super Roast Beef</strong> at all the local roast beef shops. It`s called a super because it`s served on an onion roll instead of a regular size hamburger bun. This variation is my absolute favorite. I like this one particular brand of bbq sauce (which is what we coin a roast beef sauce because it`s very runny and spicy) but I ran out so I had to use regular BBQ sauce.

I heated through 4 ounces of thinly sliced roast beef, put a teaspoon of mayo on the bread, then layered on my meat. I put some spicy mustard on it (my boyfriend got me into this), sliced tomato, sliced white onion, horseradish (you GOT to have roast beef with horseradish!) and some BBQ sauce. <em>Delicious!</em> As I side I paired it with 2 small gherkin dill pickles. Great dinner!

Do you like roast beef sandwiches?

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