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4 years ago

Hey everyone! A while back, my boyfriend had some extra time so he decided to treat me out to dinner. We used to go out to eat all the time but we haven`t gone that much anymore because it wasn`t always healthy dining out. Since its been a while. he thought that it was fine enough to go and treat ourselves so we decided to go to Dennys. We didn`t want to eat too much so we decided to just order one item and share it. Whenever we eat at Dennys, I usually never finish a whole entree by myself and end up bring home leftovers so it was good for me. My boyfriend typically end up finishing up his whole plate because he tends to eat a lot or just stuffs himself, which is never good so sharing a plate was perfect for us. We decided to get the
Prime Rib & Chicken Sizzlin` Skillet because it comes with a lot of food. Plus it has both what we like. Chicken for my boyfriend and beef for me. Although he was eating way more beef than chicken. LOL It also came with some sour cream and salsa with tortillas. According their menu, Denny`s describes this as tender prime rib and juicy grilled seasoned chicken breast sizzle with fire-roasted peppers and onions, hash browns loaded with diced bacon and melted Cheddar cheese. Served with warm tortillas, freshly made pico de gallo and sour cream. Doesn`t that sound yummy? Everything was pretty good but I have to admit, the chicken was a bit on the dry side but the beef was cooked perfectly. Overall, this was a great dish and it certainly filled both of us up!
QUESTIONS: Have you ever eaten at Denny`s before? Do you like eating prime rib & chicken skillet?
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