Dinner: Pork Links amp Pork w Veggies

5 years ago

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Been awhile since I`ve done a dinner post, so thought I share my dinner I had today. My mom left to NC for a funeral this morning, so my sisters and I had to prepare dinner. There wasn`t much in the house to cook, so we did the usual.

Here`s what my sisters and I cooked --
<strong>1) Chopped Pork W/ Green Peas, Cabbage and Pineapple</strong>
Kinda strange how my sister and I decided to throw in some pineapple into this dish. I guess we were just experimenting. The dish didn`t turn out that great hahaha. My dad said it tasted `weird`. We also put some oyster sauce just to give it more flavor. Overall, it was OKAY.

<strong>2) Pork Links</strong>
I haven`t had these in awhile. Good thing my mom bought these before she left. We used to packs of this and finished it all quickly. Since they`re so small, we each ate like 3. lol I wish we had the maple syrup flavored ones instead. Ate this is pepper. YUM!

<strong>3) Boiled Tofu</strong>
Got to have some sort of liquid dish when eating dinner just in case our throats get dry! So simple to make! Just boil water, chopped the tofu into pieces and throw it in the pot when the water is boiling. Simple! I love it when it`s hot!

So that was my dinner. Obviously, there was white rice and brown rice. Hope you had a good dinner!

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