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4 years ago

This year im having a halloween dinner party for me and 7 other guests, and i just wanted to share my plans/ideas so if you are planing one too u can get some ideas :)
So for my party in total theres 8 guests so when i was planning my menu it took awhile to think of foods that were seasonal and can be retouched into halloween themed. So i decided to go with mexican its functional and most people like it it can bd either vegeterian or omnvore friendly :) so my menu i picked out are homemade tortillas chips that i used cookie cutters like bats and pumpkins and make those shapes from the tortilla and baked them wich is served with salsa,guacamole,sour cream. For the entre im doing quesadillas veggie/cheese/chicken served once again with salsa/sour cream/guacamole. For dessert im making my famous carrot cake but in muffins and food coloring the icing in orange and add a green spet for the pumpkin cupcake :) and with that some brownies in the shape of R.i.p signs. For drinks im carving out a pumpkin and placing a bowl in the pumpkin with fruit punch, also serving cofee/hot chocolate and of course WATER! my table decor was a lil tricky since there were so many possibilities. in art class i made a table runner, i simply took white paper colored it bloody orange and painted candy corn on it and got it plastic-fied. so that in the middle of my table along with that a pumpkin and all the food, i also made table mats yellow to compliment yellow in candy corn got that plastic-fied. and for my cups im using small wine glasses that i have dipped in honey and red food coloring and let it drip to look like blood but instead of only using red i used 8 different colors so people will know wich one is their glass. and thats pretty much all! i havent done the table yet since its not the party but if you would like to see a picture let me know :) my party is next week and im excited!*not my picture above

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