Dinner: Old Fashioned Pizza amp Meat Pie

4 years ago

Meat Pie and pizza from one of the local joints in town is always the best way to go. Im a sucker for square slices of pizza. Theres something about a square slice that I swear completely changes the flavor of a pizza. I know its all in my head, but if its something you grew up eating its what you become accustomed to and its whats normal. I happen to love the pizza from this local mom & pop pizza joint. The sauce is on the sweeter side and the slices are pretty large out of a tray they get 8 slices. My boyfriend ordered 2 slices of pizza and I got myself one. The slices were a little overdone this day, but we both felt they were good nonetheless. I apologize for the bite out of the pizza I was hungry and couldnt stop myself before I remembered to take a picture.

Now the meat pie was another story. Its a classic pork/hamburger mixture meat pie which has onions in it and seasonings. Except someone has been very heavy handed with the salt. I recall my aunt saying the meat pie has been salty as of late, but this is the first time Ive had it since she mentioned it and she was right. It was VERY salty and I am a person who doesnt use salt very much. Ive branched into sea salt when cooking but its usually only to flavor water and to season up ground meat. This tasted like someone accidentally poured salt into it and was like oh well, add some extra pepper. Sadly the meat pie making didnt make its way into the sons and its not something Ill be buying again.

Do you have a local mom and pop joint that you pop into for food?

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