Dinner of the Day: Pho!

4 years ago

After a fun filled day of spending all of my money, my friends and I decided to stop by this small, local pho place for dinner. It was a pretty warm day so pho seemed like a weird choice, but none of us really cared since we were starving. Despite it being warm, the place was packed and we had to stand awkwardly in the front of the restaurant for about 5 minutes for a table to open up.

Once we were seated, we looked through the menu. I normally get pho ga when I go to pho places, but I was feeling adventurous and decided to order something new. I don`t remember what my bowl was called, but it comes with beef tendon, rare beef, tripe, and some steak thing that was hidden at the bottom. I`m not normally a beef person so my friends were kind of confused as to why I ordered this. It was absolutely delicious! The broth was super flavorful and they didn`t skimp on the meat or the noodles. I loved the different textures in the bowl, it just made eating a bit more surprising and fun.

I wasn`t able to finish my bowl since there was just way too much in it. It was $6 which is sort of pricey for pho in my opinion. Back home for $6 I would get a bowl double the size of this with more meat. However, it`s a pretty decent price given that it`s by a college campus and every other place is extremely marked up. Even though the bowl was on the smaller side, it was more than enough for me! I think I`m going to start ordering different things when I get pho. Pho ga is getting a bit boring. So what did you have for dinner today? Are you a fan of pho?

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