Dinner: Nathans, YUM!

5 years ago

Two of my girls and I headed to the city to watch a movie and since it wasn`t starting any time soon, we decided to grab something to eat. We didn`t have a lot of time to eat so fast food it was and Nathans was what we decided on to eat. I love to eat Nathans, especially because of their hot dogs. It is the only place where I will eat my hot dogs at, I don`t even eat them at home.

When I am hungry, starving to be exact, I tend to order more than I can finish because I get that appetite to eat as much as I can LOL. Luckily I had my girls there because I wouldn`t have been able to finish the food by myself. Everything was delicious but I got full pretty quickly.

<ol><li><strong>Chicken Strips;</strong> They were pretty tasty and juicy on the inside. I am glad they weren`t dry which I worry about most when it comes to ordering chicken from any place.</li>
<li><strong>Hot Dog;</strong> I had it with some ketchup and mustard. I usually love to have some onions on top but they didn`t offer onions at this specific Nathans place.</li>
<li><strong>Bacon Cheese Fries;</strong> These are my favorite type of fries ever to eat. I love bacon and cheese on my fries because they taste so darn good. Makes me want to make some at home by myself. Not healthy but soooo gooood.</li></ol>

Well this was my dinner for tonight. It isn`t a very healthy dinner but I am satisfied and had a good time with my girls which is what matters the most.

<em>Have you tried Nathans before or food similar to this?
What did you have for dinner tonight or if no dinner yet, what will you have soon?</em>

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