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4 years ago

My old co-workers and I decided to go eat dinner for one of our co-worker`s birthday and to talk about things that aren`t work related. We decided to go to a place call <strong>My Thai</strong> which you can tell from the name of this place is a Thai food restaurant. I am not the biggest fan of Thai food because most of the things I tried in the past and at this place is a tad bit spicy and I can`t handle the spiciness sometimes.

<ol><li><strong>"Fried Calamari";</strong> was a very yummy dish. It is basically fried squid and I love how it tastes with the sauce it provided us.</li>
<li><strong>"Chicken Wings";</strong> is pretty good too. Not the best chicken wings I tasted but not the worse. My friend really enjoyed it though.</li>
<li><strong>"Mango Chicken";</strong> was really good. I never tried anything like this before. It was really tasty with the mango and it was served in a mango too.</li>
<li><strong>"Thai Pancake";</strong> is an appetizer I chose to get. It`s a thin pancake that I dip into the sauce. The pancake was soft and isn`t too crispy.</li>
<li>I don`t know what this is called because it was a dish the other side of the table ordered, but it does look pretty good.</li>
<li>I don`t know what this is called either LOL, I don`t even have a memory of myself eating it HAHA!</li>
<li><strong>"Chicken Rendang";</strong> is tasty too, it has some chicken, bell pepper, onions and potatoes.</li>
<li><strong>"Sayong Seafood";</strong> was tasty too even though it was a bit spicy. It has a combination of shrimp, scallop, mushroom, eggplants, fish, and other stuff too. I love the variety.</li></ol>

Overall, even though most of the food has some spicy taste to it, it was still pretty good. It`s a place I will definitely go back to.

<em>Have you ever tried Thai food before? Do you like it?
What did you have for dinner tonight?</em>

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