Dinner: Malaysian Food =)

5 years ago

Malaysian, Chinese, Viet, and Japanese is basically all the type of food I get to eat on a daily basis around my area since there are so much restaurants around my house that consists of those type of food. Being the type of person to eat out so much, it`s so hard to choose what to eat sometimes since I eat so much of the same things over and over again. Anyways, my boyfriend wanted to eat Malaysian for dinner so that was what we ordered.

<ol><li><strong>Sarang Burong</strong> is one of my favorite dish from any Malaysian restaurant. It is basically a shaped fried taro that is stuffed with many delicious food such as shrimp, chicken, corn, mushroom, cashew nuts, and peas. My favorite part is the fried taro on the outside because it gives it the best taste.</li>
<li><strong>Hainanese Chicken</strong> is very famous at Malaysian restaurant. It is a classic dish many people order. It is basically steamed chicken which is served at room temperature with soy sauce. It is really delicious.</li></ol>

Overall, I had a very good meal and will love to eat some of the food again. Just typing this up is making me hugnry all over again.

<em>Have you ever tried Malaysian food before or these specific dishes?
What did you eat for dinner tonight?</em>

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