Dinner: Lobster

4 years ago

Hey everyone! Guess what, my mom cooked some lobster again and it was delicious! Don`t get the wrong idea, it might look like we eat lobster all the time but we don`t. Usually we have it once or twice a year but for some reason, my mom has been buying it more often. I think this is probably the fourth time that we had lobster in the past three months. My mom decided to cook this lobster a little bit differently, which I am not sure if you noticed but it actually tasted a lot better. I think it was because my mom added more butter, which is definitely not the healthiest thing but its yummy. My mom actually fried the lobsters first with flour mixed with her spices and then she recooked them in some other creamy sauce and it was really delicious. I can`t remember what kind of spices she added but I do know that if you don`t add the right spices, it won`t taste as good. I also had some friends over and they said that they had never tasted lobster as good as the way that my mom cooked it. If you have never seen lobster cooked like this, there are some Asian seafood places that cook it similar to this. I don`t think any American seafood restaurants cook their lobster like this. I haven`t been to Red Lobster in over 5 years and I don`t think they serve anything similar to this. Its mostly just at Asian restaurants where I see lobster cooked similar to this. Either way, my mom always makes the best dishes and this was definitely one of them. Yum!
QUESTIONS: Have you ever had lobster cooked similar like this before? Do you like eating lobster? ==================================================================
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