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5 years ago

So I made dinner last night . (; Which I rarely do becus I rarely eat dinner. But my mom wanted me to cook healthy becus my siblings & I don`t eat healthy what so ever !! So I made a broccoli stirfry & fried rice .

Brocoli had:
1 big green & red bell peppers (one with the pepper seeds one without) diced
2 carrots diced
1 sliced jalepenos
2 celeary`s diced
1/2 white onion sliced
1 big chunk of broccoil
2 cloves of garlic
& small chunks of chicken breast
We put a little of meat becus my mom said we need to eat healthy, so as you can see its about likeall vegetables ! But I just added the garlic & onions to a wok of vegetable oil cooking it just a bit, then adding the chicken to it . While the chicken cooked a bit I then added the broccoli and let the broccoli cook a bit . After that I added the rest of the ingredients . Then after that, I added chicken broth, salt, and black pepper. After everything was beginning to cook I then added a tablespoon of tapioca flour with water into the wok . After that I covered it and let it set for a few mintues . Then I added oyster sauce and let it cook for a few more mintues and it was done !! Cooking is super easy, but eh I just don`t eat dinner much.

The Fried Rice:
white rice (cooked 1 small bowl)
soy sauce
oyster sauce
black pepper
chicken broth
frozen mixed vegetables
So I first added in the butter with no oil, and then added in the rice. After the rice was mixed inwith the butter I just added the rest of the ingredients together and that was it ! Nothing to it . So cooking all of this took about no more than 30 mintues . Really quick to prepare & cook .

Do you cook dinner often ?
if so,
What is your favorite dish to cook ?

**Photos are mine (:

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