Dinner in MTL - Dominion Square Tavern

4 years ago

Dominion Square Tavern

Ive been posting about my trip to Montreal recently, and it has mainly been about all the delicious food we had there...

One of my cousins, being a huge foodie, is obsessed with Anthony Bourdain, who is a world-renowned chef. He is known for his show No Reservations, where he travels across the globe in search of different types of cuisine. His latest show is called The Layover where he attempts to sample a citys cuisine in the time he is spending there for a layover between flights (so usually under 24 hours). We went to Beautys Luncheonette which is a location he visits on the show, and later that night for dinner, we headed to a place called Dominion Square Tavern.

Dominion Square Tavern is an old style restaurant. The decor and theme are very classic and they also have the coolest bar I have ever seen. There is a ladder on a track up above the wall behind the bar and shelves with all the alcohol bottles. They use the ladder to bring down the drinks. I forgot to take pictures of the bar itself, but you can see some if you visit their website here: http://www.tavernedominion.com/fr/Photographies/

Anyways, I decided to order the Braised Beef with Mashed potatoes and carrots. Im not a huge meat lover... I obviously eat red meat, but I much prefer poultry. However at the waiters suggestion, I ordered the beef, and it was spectacular! The beef was practically melting in my mouth! But the surprising part of this dish was the carrots. They were sweet and buttery, and by the end, I wished there were more of them since they were deceptively good! Everyone enjoyed their meals, the food is definitely amazing.

If you are ever in Montreal and looking for a great dinner, check out Dominion Square Tavern! The prices are little high, but you definitely get what you pay for!

Source link: http://www.tavernedominion.com/fr/Photographies/

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