Dinner: Homemade Udon Teriyaki Stir Fry.

4 years ago

I cooked a great udon stirfry yesterday from scratch. Heh, by that I mean random stuff I had in my fridge/kitchen. It was honestly a lot easier than you`d think. And was actually one of the best dishes I have ever made.

<em>What I put in it: </em>
-Udon noodles
-steak I marinated in lemongrass sauce
-bok choy
-teriyaki sauce
-soy sauce
-olive oil

So to make this dish, I had to marinate the steak and cook it separately. Then I cooked the shrimp in a separate pan as well. These two steps were probably the hardest it gets, as they were the only items that had to be "cooked." [Its actually a lot better if you have leftover steak or meat, that way you don`t have to cook it beforehand]. Then, I placed the udon in a pan with some olive oil. Stirred it till they started to separate. Then I added the steak, shrimp, and about 4 tablespoons of teriyaki sauce. After this cooked for about a minute, I added the vegetables. I cooked that for a good 4 minutes till the veggies softened. After tasting it, I noticed it didn`t really taste like anything so I added some soy sauce, which made it 10x better. Finally, I added salt and pepper to season it.

So as you see, its really not as hard as it looks. I tried to look at recipe`s online when I made it, but they were so complicated. And I never had the ingredients I wanted. I pretty much just threw everything into a pan and hoped for the better. Luckily the odds were in my favor. My boo boo and I loved the dish. I`m thinking about cooking it all.

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