Dinner: Homemade Sushi!

5 years ago

Hey Everyone!! I`m sure by now, a lot of you can tell I love to cook and make new dishes all the time! I`ve made sushi quite a few times, but never this `elaborate.` lol The fillings aren`t too exciting, but I wanted to make it look like it came from a Japanese Sushi Restaurant. I got everything at my local asian grocery store so you can mix and match any kind of ingredients! I usually make the regular rolls, but I`ve been practicing on making inside out rolls. I toasted some sesame seeds and made some Japanese short grain rice while I was preparing the fillings.

Here are some ingredients you can use for sushi:
-Raw fish (make sure it`s sushi grade so you don`t eat harmful bacteria)
-Toasted Sesame Seeds
-Eel (unagi), mackerel
-Cream cheese
-Fried sweet potato
-Pickled radish
-Sliced Carrots or green beans
-Shrimp or Scallops
-Egg omelette

Anyways, possibilities are endless. LOL But one of my favorite sauces to dip my sushi in is called `dynamite` sauce. It`s just japanese mayo (it has MSG), sriracha and a drop of sesame oil. Super yummy and easy to make.

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