Dinner: Homemade Sloppy Joe, Cole Slaw amp Corn on the Cob

4 years ago

This is what I made for dinner two weekends ago. I wanted to switch up what I was eating, so I decided since I hadnt had sloppy joe in a while I would go about making that. The recipe I typically follow is made with 93% lean ground beef and fresh veggies are added to it to help bulk it up. What is supposed to happen is you are supposed to mince up (in a food processor) an onion, garlic, red pepper, carrots and mushrooms. But when I went to use my food processor (it was a little guy) we had accidentally put it TOO close to the toaster oven and guess what? The plastic lid melted a bit and warped so it wouldnt close fully which meant it wouldnt turn on. Sooo that left me with the task of hand mincing (or as finely chopping as I could) all the veggies. It extended the time associated with the process, but at the end I was able have a pretty tasty meal.

As a side I wasnt entirely sure what I wanted and my boyfriend recommended coleslaw, so I picked up a bag of shredded coleslaw mix and went ahead and made my homemade coleslaw recipe. Its quite simple since I make a big batch I use ½ cup reduced fat mayo, and equal parts white vinegar and sugar. So 3 tablespoons of each although I do add a little extra vinegar to cut the sweetness a little more.

Lastly a staple side corn on the cob! I boiled them up with some milk and a tiny bit of sugar in the water (I remembered that recommendation from Lyndsay)

What did you have for dinner?

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