Dinner: Homemade Eggplant Sauce amp Pasta

4 years ago

A few weeks back I had laid out my dinner list for the week. But when I got to the grocery store I found two eggplants which they had wrapped up together (they were the last 2 in the store) for $1 and it was literally 2 pounds of eggplant. So I couldnt let it go to waste so I picked it up and brought it home with me figuring Id make a sauce out of it. So a sauce is what I made! I chunked up the eggplant into pieces, seasoned with some salt and black pepper and sautéed it a bit in a pan with some olive oil and Pam spray. When cooked I transferred to a bowl and then sautéed up some onion, garlic and green pepper. When cooked I added in my spices pepper, garlic, oregano, crushed hot pepper flakes, and spicy spaghetti seasoning. I then added in my eggplant, mixed and then added in 2 large cans of canned tomato sauce, a can of diced tomatoes and covered it up letting it simmer for about an hour. The sauce was really quite fabulous and I was pleased with the turnout. I didnt make any meat to go with it (the plan was to make sausage) but my boyfriend and I ate it over pasta for a few days. We had a ton of sauce so I ended up freezing about half of the pot to take out for dinner another time. Overall it was yummy and enjoyable!

Do you like eggplant based sauces or meals?

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