Dinner: Hawaiian BBQ

4 years ago

there`s a hawaiian BBQ place that`s literally minutes from my house and we haven`t been all this time. for some reason, i`ve stuck to L&L and ono because those are the two that everyone knows and i`ve steered clear of this place. my mom wanted to try this place for dinner and since my sister was at a birthday party where she would have her own dinner, my mom and i went to this place to check it out.

i didn`t want to eat a lot since i had a nice lunch at CFA. we decided to split a plate. the one we ordered came with spicy BBQ pork, BBQ beef, and BBQ chicken along with two sides. we chose brown rice and salad for our sides.

the portion wasn`t as big as i`ve become accustomed to at hawaiian BBQ places, but it wasn`t small by any means. i enjoyed the chicken and beef, but i think even in the photo above you can see how much fat that pork had! we probably got 3 or 4 big pieces of pork and only one of them had significant amounts of meat. the other ones were all fat! ew!

the rice and salad were whatever... i mean there isn`t much you can do to mess either of them up.

i don`t think i`ll be back. we paid a little over $10 for our plate and i was quite disappointed. the chicken and beef were good but not stellar, and i can get far better portions and (dare i say) quality at other hawaiian BBQ places in terms of getting meat and not PURE FAT.

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