Dinner: Grilled Chicken amp Steak Tip Salad

4 years ago

This was my dinner from Wednesday night. I had 2 ounces of marinated steak tips and 2 ounces of marinated grilled chicken on top of a bed of salad. I threw the salad together myself -- some chunks of iceberg lettuce, tomato slices, red onion slices and I had a bag of shredded cole slaw in the fridge so I added a sprinkling on top. I like having cole slaw mix with salad because it changes the texture by adding a bit more crunch and gives you a new flavor. For salad dressing I had my staple fat free italian dressing. I ended up having 2 ounces of eat meat because I honestly couldn`t decide what I wanted. My boyfriend had his food for dinner, I had put his lunch together and my lunch together the following day and was like uhhhmmmm and just weighed both and went to town. It was actually pretty good. I liked the chicken more-so than the steak but I think it was because we bought premarinated steak and I wasn`t a fan of their marinade, plus I think it made the steak too soft. And I don`t think you can screw up chicken -- well, that is unless you 1) burn it or 2) don`t season it and it taste like nothingness.

Do you like grilled meat salad -- or just salad in general?

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