Dinner from Pita Pit!

5 years ago

My roommate and I ordered from Pita Pit for dinner! It was my first time trying it so I was unsure what to get, but it ended up being delicious! :D

Pita Pit makes a ton of things from pitas (they`re basically like wraps, almost) to salad, smoothies to vegetarian options. Everything on their menu sounds so good! I ended up doing a "create your own" pita. I got the "caesar" kind which came with chicken and bacon, and then I added my own additional toppings. I got lettuce, onions, pickles, and honey mustard dressing. Yum! I decided to make it a combo pack and add in a cookie and drink since it wasn`t that much more (plus, I had to make the delivery minimum, too). I got a white chocolate chip macadamia cookie and a coke :)

Delivery was pretty fast (in my college town, you can literally get anything you want delivered right to your door, lol), although I was confused by the receipt I got. When I ordered online, my total was $12.50, but the receipt from the physical location said $13.50. Turns out, they only charged the $12.50, so the extra dollar must`ve just come from how the receipt gets typed up in the store.

My pita was delicious! I wasn`t sure what to expect, but it was very yummy! The flavors went very well together. It was my first time having a pita and I`m glad I tried it :D Although I did like the food, I don`t think I`ll be ordering delivery from them anytime soon just because or how expensive it was. $12.50 for (basically) a wrap (plus a cookie and coke as part of the combo deal) is a bit much. The delivery fee alone was $1.99. So maybe I`ll just stop in the actual store next time and get the $5 pitas they`ve been advertising. I wish it wasn`t so expensive because they`re really good!

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