Dinner: Fried Salmon amp Rice

4 years ago

Hey everyone! So this is what I had for dinner yesterday and it was delicious! If you know me really well and have been keeping up with my food posts, then you would know that I freaking love salmon!! Since I love salmon, my mom doesn`t cook it all the time because its not the most healthiest fish in the world. I love eating salmon in soup, baked salmon, and of course, fried salmon! My mom only fries salmon every once in a while and when she does, I am the first in line. LOL What makes my mom`s fried salmon so delicious is that she marinates it in the fridge for two days in her secret sauces.Usually whenever my mom leaves it in the fridge to marinate, I would sometimes wait until she has errands and sneak a piece out and fry it myself. LOL Shh, but don`t tell my mom but I had one yesterday and it was delicious. Whenever I have fried salmon, I always eat it with white rice and thats all. Even though, my dinner looks kind of plain, it was delicious! Trust me! Yummy!
QUESTIONS: Have you ever tried eating salmon before? Have you ever tried fried salmon before? ==================================================================
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