Dinner for TWO for $11!

5 years ago

My boyfriend and I went out for dinner yesterday and it cost us a whopping $11. Wed been planning on heading to a local well known restaurant in a quaint fisherman town nearby but things have been utterly crazy as of late and it kept getting pushed off for one reason or another. Considering this week was also going to be crazy, scattered with interviews, doctors appointments, etc., we decided wed go out when I got home from my first interview of the week on Monday. Call it a bit of a treat for the two of us the calm before the storm.

When we walked in I was glancing around and noticed a sign. Generally Im in my own little world and dont notice things, but I saw something about 1/2 so I walked over and read it. The sign stated Monday-Thursday from 3pm to close, if you eat upstairs in the bar/lounge area all appetizers are half price. Hey even better especially considering we were planning on getting at least one appetizer. My boyfriend is not a seafood fan if its not shrimp cocktail, hes not eating it. I dont eat shrimp cocktail, I like fried fish & clams on occasion. So you see the dilemma when youre going to eat in a primarily seafood run town! We decided to get two appetizers since I really wanted to try the fried pickles and decided to split the sandwich since the appetizers were really a meal in themselves.

<strong>We ended up ordering:</strong>
- Boneless Buffalo Wings <em>This came with 8-9 large hand bread chicken tenders, which were coated in a tangy, yet spicy buffalo wing sauce. It was served with sliced carrots and blue cheese dressing.</em>
- Fried Pickles <em>First of all these were the biggest fried pickles I have EVER seen, let alone they are hands down the best friend pickles I have ever had. I enjoy fried pickles but I find they can be soggy based on where you get them but these were fantastic. The dill pickles were sliced thick, they were battered in a panko breading so it helped in the crispiness. They were served with a side of sweet chipotle sauce which was more spicy than sweet, but still good</em>
- Grilled Garlic & Herb Chicken Sandwich with French fries <em>With a sandwich you could order your side with French fries, onion rings, or house-made chips. We opted for French fries since we already had homemade onion rings the day before. The grilled chicken sandwich was seriously the biggest chicken sandwich Ive seen. It was seasoned well, juicy and tender. The French fries were also fantastic, nice and crispy, but softer on the inside.</em>

Overall our meal was fantastic. We were both stuffed to the brim AND had so much food leftover we ended up bringing it home. Oh, and this meal was only $11 (including tax & tip) because my boyfriend and I received a gift card to this restaurant for Christmas. When we went and had dinner there earlier in the year and still had a balance remaining so we put that toward what was owed on the bill. The half priced appetizers saved us some money, no doubt.

What did you have for dinner yesterday?
Do any of your local favorite restaurants serve half priced appetizers on their menu?

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