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This is another post from my blog. Oh man I hope I haven`t already put this up on Luuux. I`m 99.99% sure that I did not.

The boyfriend made reservations at a small French restaurant nearby. I see why you need a reservation weeks in advance. The food is decent, but the venue is quite cramped. Also, in my opinion, the liquor is poured quite generously compared to other restaurants I`ve been to.

I had asked my boyfriend to take a picture of me after we got home, but he quickly snapped a picture when I wasn`t ready and I had a weird expression on my face, so I gave up on that idea...

This is what I chose to wore:

Blue Coat - Victoria`s Secret
Navy Blue Skirt - Forever21

I need to fix the buttons on this coat. 2 of them have already fallen off. Terrible craftsmanship...*shakes head* At least the color is nice, and I like the pleating below the waist. Oh well, I plan to buy some military-style buttons and replace all the buttons on this coat.

The picture`s a little too dark to tell, but this skirt feels nice and satin-y. I wear it to work when it`s a sunny day, which is rare...very rare.

White Lace Turtleneck - Forever21
This top feels comfy, is classy, inexpensive, and sexy without showing too much skin.

Strappy heels - Zara
I think the shoes are my favorite part of this outfit. I got these a few years ago. They were expensive, I think about $90, and that was after a big markdown too, I think. But I knew I couldn`t live without them and I`m glad I have them. The metallic detailing looks kind of gold, but when you get up close to it, it doesn`t really have that golden sheen, so I`m not sure if it`s gold or silver, but that`s the best detail about the shoe.

Also, I don`t know if I`m just getting better at walking in heels or if they`re getting more comfortable to wear.

That`s it!

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