Dinner: Chicken Macadamia, Salad amp fresh Bread

4 years ago

A few weeks back my boyfriend and I went away on a mini-vacation in celebration of his impending 30th birthday. After booking the hotel we were going to be staying at, I started Googling restaurants in the area to get an idea of where we`d like to go out to dinner one of the days while there. Not finding much of anything, outside of pizzerias, sub shops and seafood joints -- I decided to go onto my handy dandy tool -- http://Restaurant.com. I looked up restaurants 25 miles around the town we were staying in and I found a restaurant which had some pretty rave reviews about it online -- on Yelp, etc. I purchased a $25 http://Restaurant.com gift card for $3, where the stipulation was to spend $45 on two entrees and gratuity would be added prior to us receiving the bill. I looked at the menu and figured we would hit that total without a problem (dinner plates were roughly $20+). After our gift certificate was taken off, we only ended up paying $30 for our meals - not bad at all! I love http://restaurant.com! Pictured is what I had for dinner -- I forgot to take a picture of my boyfriends plate.

I ordered the <strong>Chicken Macadamia</strong> which was sautéed chicken breast coated with macadamia nut crumbs, finished with orange, white wine and butter. The meal came with a choice of two side vegetables and a starch -- so I went with plain steamed carrots & broccoli and a plain baked potato. I also added on a <strong>side salad</strong> for $3 extra to my meal which also came with a <strong>mini loaf of fresh bread and a cup of coffee</strong> (not pictured). My boyfriend ordered a 12 oz. sirloin with jasmine rice, broccoli & carrots -- while he also added on a side salad.

My meal was absolutely fabulous! I had so much food that I ate one piece of chicken, a few bites of potato and I was done. I brought the rest back to the hotel with me and ate it the next day for lunch.

Would you order this meal if it were offered at a restaurant near you?

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