Dinner: Chicken, Garlic Toast amp Asparagus

4 years ago

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I haven`t eaten since 8 this morning so I was super duper hungry! That`s why I hate waking up early because I have to eat something and every time I do, I end up eating way more than I should on a regular basis. But anywhooooo, my younger sister helped my mom cook dinner and here is what they made:

--<strong>Garlic Toast</strong>: Extremely goooood, especially when fresh and warm! I ate this with the crispy chicken. I wish I had some pasta! lol
--<strong>Crispy Chicken</strong: My sister lovessss cooking her chicken like this! She got some chicken breasts & chicken wings and dipped them in chicken bread crumb mix. I love it when the chicken is cooked to a point where it`s so juicy! It wasn`t that in this case lol
--<strong>Asparagus & Eggplant</strong>: They were both flavored and cooked with lemon pepper and salt. First time I had asparagus was last year at our youth camp. I love it salty! Gave a little juice to my dry chicken and rice lol The eggplant wasn`t so good. My dad didn`t even finish the piece he grabbed haha
--<strong>Leftover Pad Thai & Fish Stew</strong>: My dad ate all the pad thai and I drank bits of the fish stew.
--<strong>APPLE JUICE!</strong>: It was either water or Apple Juice. If my water was cold, then maybe I would`ve drank that.

Hope you all had a good dinner! I have food coma now! Have a good evening too :D Thanks for reading!

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