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Dinner: CACTUS CLUB Late the other night, I woke up from nap (not really a nap it was like for three hours) at 10 pm. And I was starving when I woke up because the only thing Id eaten all day since lunch at work. So my boyfriend and I decided to go to Cactus Club. Its more of lounge and causal fine dining atmosphere. We ordered: 1) Mini Burgers it comes in threes. Very simple but I was craving a little bacon and thats what they had on there. Very basic, patty, cheese, bacon and the fixings. 2) West Coast Pockets I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS DISH. Its pretty much a tofu pocket with rice and smoked salmon, a little soya sauce and wasabi. Sounds simple, but tastes amazing. Im not huge on smoked salmon but I could eat these forever maybe not forever but I can probably down the three that comes. 3) Yam Fries they make really good yam fries. Super crispy and crunchy. I hate it when places make yam fries that are all soggy these ones are not. 4) Creole Chicken this is the only entrée we ordered to share because we got a ton of appetizers. This is my boyfriends favourite dish. Not sure how to describe it but its almost like Cajun chicken that chargrilled. Its super tasty trust. 5) Ginger Fizz this is a non-alcoholic beverage. I think if I could remember correctly, its mint and blackberries crushed, add some ginger ale and soda, shaken. Tasty and hits the right spot when youre thirsty. I think Cactus Club is only in Canada. So if you guys ever make it here, definitely try it. Its a little on the unreasonably pricier side, but definitely worth trying. *pictures belong to me* INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/mawwey TWITTER: https://twitter.com/marrrree

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