Dinner: Burger King

4 years ago

we had some coupons that expired today and they were all pretty awesome savings, so that`s what we had for dinner tonight. normally when my dad`s home, we probably could`ve used more of the coupons because he actually likes BK quite a lot and we would have to get more food to feed the four of us. since he`s out of town though, we only went tonight but i think we got a pretty good deal!

one of our coupons was for the $9.99 bundle. it came with a whopper, whopper jr., 10 piece chicken tenders, 3 small fries, and 3 sodas. i had the whopper, my sister had the whopper jr., and my mom had the chicken tenders. it`s been probably a year since i last had a whopper and can i just say... that thing is HUGE! i almost couldn`t finish it and i was definitely pretty hungry when i started eating it.

we also had a coupon for a free smoothie. i know the smoothies are only $1 this weekend, but free is always better :) i got the mango one for my mom, and she says it`s quite good. i didn`t have any though so i can`t give my thoughts.

i had cheese added to my sister`s whopper and we have to pay CA sales tax on the smoothie, so our total ended up being $11.72. definitely not bad for a very big meal for the three of us with some nice extras like that smoothie. we actually didn`t need the sodas since my family almost always opts for water, but since they came with the deal, i got 2 diet cokes and 1 sprite. not sure what i`m going to do with the diet coke i didn`t drink and my mom and sister don`t want lol

1st picture: my whopper
2nd picture: chicken tenders & 2 small fries
3rd picture: sister`s whopper jr. and small fries
4th picture: drinks!

do you like burger king?

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