Dinner @ Bann Restaurant

5 years ago

This dinner was from AWHILE ago when it was <em>restaurant week</em> over here in New York. If you don`t know what restaurant week is, it is basically when "fine dining restaurants" cost only a certain amount of price for a three course meal. My friends wanted to eat Korean food so they decided to go to a placed called <strong>Bann Restaurant</strong>.

The food there wasn`t that great but some of the presentation of the food was pretty cool.

<ol><li><strong>"Cham Chi Hwe"</strong> is ahi tuna sashimi over a big block of ice. I was like DAMN that ice is HUGE when I saw it LOL</li>
<li><strong>"Ke Sal Mari"</strong> was the appetizer I decided to get. On the menu, it was described as "seasoned crab & sauteed leek wrapped in spinach crepes with a light mustard sauce" so I thought it sounded so good, but it was okay. The portion was really small and didn`t taste as great as it sounds.</li>
<li><strong>"Bo Ssam Bun"</strong> was the appetizer my boyfriend order. His was so so delicious, and I wish I got his instead. It is basically roast pork belly wrapped in a bun.
<li><strong>"Salad"</strong> was served to all of us and it has some light kimchi sauce all over it.</li>
<li><strong>"Appetizers"</strong> has a mixture of things like broccoli and kimchi which is mostly served at Korean places.</li>
<li><strong>"Dae Ji Kalbi"</strong> is what my boyfriend ordered and it is roasted pork spare ribs. It was a lot tastier than what I got LOL</li>
<li><strong>"Kalbi Jim"</strong> is beef short rib and it didn`t taste like anything spectacular. It tasted like something I had at restarants near my area.</li>
<li><strong>"Hot Chocolate Cake"</strong> was the dessert one of my girls got. It tasted pretty good according to her.</li>
<li><strong>"Peach Sorbet"</strong> was the dessert my boyfriend got and it was good, better than mine. Everything he picked was better than mine LOL!</li>
<li><strong>"Asian Pear Crumble"</strong> was the dessert I got. It was extremely sweet and not tasty for me. I only took a few bites.</li></ol>

For restaurant week, there is a specific menu to choose from and is different from the rest of the menu. There wasn`t much variety and I didn`t really like the food they offered. Everything I got was "okay" but could be better. <em>Will I go here again?</em> Nope I don`t think I will, it wasn`t the best experience but I did enjoy dressing up all fancy.

<em>Have you ever participated in restaurant week?
What did you have for dinner?</em>

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