Dinner: Banh Xeo

3 years ago

Hey everyone! Have you guys ever tried Banh Xeo before? To me, its one of my favorite Vietnamese dishes! If you never heard of Banh Xeo is before, it is the Vietnamese version of crepes. Some people call it `Sizzling Saigon Crepes` or `Sizzling Cakes` but I wouldn`t really know since I just call it Banh Xeo. It basically is a `fried` pancake made of rice flour, water, turmeric powder, shrimp, pork, diced green onions, and bean sprouts. What you do to make it is mix the rice batter with some water and pour some into a hot skillet. When its cooked a bit, you would add all the toppings that you want before it burns and take it out. There are a couple of sauces that you can eat these with but my family loves the sauce that my mom makes. My mom cooked these a while back and they were delicious. We don`t eat these all the time because they do take up a lot of work and you have to be quick otherwise the Banh Xeo will burn. I would just eat mines plain with only the shrimp and pork without any bean sprouts because I don`t like bean sprouts. LOL Let me know if you have ever tried these before. These are so freaking delicious that I wish I was eating one right now as I type this post up.

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