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4 years ago

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Last week, we had this huge church conference at the Hyatt Hotel in Anaheim. It was a Monday night after the program was done, and my sisters and I had to wait for my little brother because he was in an after-session party. We were all starving and I was craving pasta. We couldn`t make up our minds on where to go because a friend didn`t want to eat pasta, until finally, he gave in. We decided to go to Bucca De Beppo since it was on the same street at the hotel, but it was already 11pm and they were already closed ): So sad. So then we decided to go to T.G.I.F because every restaurant should have pasta on their menus right?! The closest one was at The Outlet, which wasn`t too far from the hotel. Right when we got there, my little brother called and said he was done, so we had to drive back and pick him up -___- I was so annoyed and so was my stomach! lol

So we got there, and I ordered their deal which was pick an appetizer, two entrees, and a dessert for $20! Talk about a deal! Their entree is already $12+ so might as well. I shared this deal with my younger sister.

For appetizer, we ordered <strong>Chip `N` Dip Trio</strong>. It came with three different sauce: white cheddar queso, mediterranean hummus, and salsa. I actually enjoyed all the sauces. I love how I had three options and the chips were super good as well. I love the presentation.

For the entrees, I ordered the </strong>Cajun Shrimp & Chicken Pasta</strong> and my sister ordered the <strong>Bruschetta Chicken Pasta</strong>. I love my entree! It had tender chicken, shrimp, red bell peppers covered with spicy cajun alfredo sauce. It had a spicy flavor to it and it was delish! It was such a big portion, I couldn`t finish because I ate the appetizers lol. I did take it to go and I finished it the day after. My sister didn`t enjoy her entree as much. It had chicken, mixed with garlic, basil, tomato and angel hair. It tasted OKAY. Not the greatest. It was a tad too oily. But she did take it to go and finished it the day after as well.

For dessert, we ordered the "Red Velvet Cake". We didn`t even have room for our stomachs to eat the cake >< We were so full, we just asked if we could take it to go lol My sister finished it the day after.

This was my first time eating at T.G.I.F and it was a good first time experience. I loved it. Super good food! YUMM!

<strong>Do you like eating at T.G.I.F?</strong>

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