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5 years ago

Hey luuxuers

My mum can sometimes cook very VERY strange foods.. sometimes they are failures and sometimes they are VERY NICE. She tends to use me and my family as experiment lol which i don`t mind.

This time around, she was trying out a recipe she was watching on TVB (chinese families all around the world would probably know this lol) So what`s so weird about it?


yea that`s weird already, but WOW it was AMAZING!
it was sweet, very sweet, but in a light way. it had different types of sweetness to it though, there was the sweet seafood taste and also the sweet pawpaw taste all in one mouth full. ohhh my goodnes i can taste it right now.

The rest of the dishes included:
-lamb cutlets with mum`s special sauce and loads of onions (Because my kids LOVE their onions)
-omelet with bitter melon (this dish i didn`t like at all, but it`s very very healthy especially to those who have asthma.. ME)
- Asian Sausages, i love these as a kid and never got to eat them as much as my kids do lol. my parents spoil them
-Fish, this was the first time mum cooked this type of fish, and we dont` even know what the name of it is. The meat was super super smooth, i normally eat the head, but i couldn`t with this one, because it was SO smooth it turned me off lol

Anyways, i love family meals at my mum`s house, i help her cook the meals but there`s nothing like mum`s cooking. It feels so warm and loving. I hope i can give my kids this feeling when they grow up, but i doubt it, i`m a horrible cook and i don`t enjoy cooking at all.

Thanks for dropping by, all photos are mine ,please don`t steal

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