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1 year ago

Hey Luuuxers!

On most Saturdays, my family has an event to attend or we all have our different plans, but on occasion, if we are home together, we go out to eat.

This past Saturday, my brother was really keening to get steak for some reason, so we decided to go to Baton Rouge.

When I say `Baton Rouge`, I don`t mean Louisiana! I`m not sure if they have Baton Rouge everywhere, but it is a really popular steakhouse chain here in Toronto.

Baton Rouge literally means `Red Stick` in French, but I have no idea if the name for the restaurant was inspired by the place in Louisiana, or if red sticks have something to do with steak LOL. All I know is that the food is delicious!

It`s so popular, I insisted my brother get us reservations a few hours ahead, and we still ended up having to wait 20 minutes once we arrived!

And contrary to the steakhouse title, they have options beyond just steak - they have a good selection of ribs, chicken and even seafood. This is definitely not a vegetarian friendly restaurant!

My brother was the one who ended up with a delicious filet mignon - exactly what he had been craving. My mom basically followed the same route (1st pic). My dad was very indecisive, so he ended up choosing a combination option that included ribs, some chicken and shrimp (pic 2)! I decided to be the odd one out and choose seared Ahi Tuna, served rare (pic 3)

But after seeing the delicious steaks the rest of my family chose, I did kind of end up regretting my decision! I`m pretty sure that they served me albacore instead of ahi. Ahi tuna tends too be a much deeper red colour in the middle, and has a richer taste and texture. I still like albacore, but it wasn`t what I was expecting.

My brother on the other hand got exactly what he was expecting - a beautiful filet, cooked medium rare. He begrudgingly gave me a piece, and it was delish!

It had been a while since any of us had visited Baton Rouge, even though it`s only a few minutes away, and after that meal, we will be going back soon. And I definitely know what I`m going to order next time we go!

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