Dinner @ a Chinese Restaurant :P

4 years ago

I took a bad picture of the front restaurant cuz it was still light out and i couldn`t see my phone screen >n<

Today for dinner I went out to eat at this place called Qin Dynasty. That`s one of the restaurants that we go to whenever we decide to go out for an occassion. I think it`s nice there :) On some days, you just sit at the table and order from a menu, but on some days (depending on the time as well), there`s dim sum. (What`s dim-sum? DIM SUM: when ladies with metal food carts walk around from table to table offering whatever food they have on their cart. Some ladies roll around with dessert carts, some have the entree course carts, etc.)

Today, (today was just regular ordering from a menu) we didn`t order that much... cuz usually when we would come here we`d order like nuts and then .. yeah .....hehe! I took a pic of my tea cuz I didn`t know what kind it was.. definitely not green tea. (anyone know what it might be?) But anyway we had crab and corn soup .. it may be really weird, but my mom and I like to put red wine vinegar on this soup.. :) i think it tastes good! one order with frog and leeks in it... (i didn`t eat that.) Another dish, there was octopus and scallions and other stuff in it. and then there was this really good thing we ordered with thin noodles and beef and mushrooms and Chinese broccoli (4th pic). It was good :) I REALLY liked the noodles and sauce and the beef strips. The noodle wasn`t limp and soft, but some parts were crunchy and some were just firm. The beef was nice and soft and tender.
I wish there were more of that. That`s like the only thing I ate at the restaurant haha. No frogs, not much of octopus eater. =)

These are my own pictures!!

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